Learning About Search Engines

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Learning About Search Engines

by Jim Canfield for Daves Computer Tips

Making yourself aware of the pitfalls on the web and doing what you should to keep them at bay is the best defense.

Programs like WOT shown in the previous post can help, but nothing can take the place of common sense. While a browser may unlock the door to potential threats on the Web, search engines can be the key that throws it wide open. Ok, that sounds ominous, but what is your actual exposure to threats? Before I get into that, I want to point out that scare tactics are not something I would do or condone. It worries some clients to the point that, they would rather stay off the internet than use it. A single message that screams “you are infected” with 125 malicious files is the type of technique scammers use to get you to purchase that useless program they are hawking. Therefore, the answer to the question in the previous paragraph is; I want to assure you that if you take the proper precautions, the web is safe. Thieves are always going to find a way but like car thieves, if your car is locked and the one next to you is not, who do you think is a risk?

Search Engines

Users have a very wide selection of Search Engines, (listed as SEs in this article) and naturally, not all of them are created equally. Exceptional examples are Bing and Google, and I will tell you why.

Most of you use the SE installed on your machine when you purchased it. If Yahoo, AOL or MSN were pre-installed, you are probably still using it. Why switch to a different program after you have invested time in trying to figure out this one. Additionally, if you have an Email account associated with them, it is even harder for people to leave. Companies usually pay computer manufacturers for the privilege of being “the” factory installed software and therefore the first thing you see when you turn on your computer. They make money on the ads you click and the products you purchase.

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