Join the PC Pitstop Team

Join the PC Pitstop Team

We are looking for an Entry Level Support Technicians

Interested? Contact us via [email protected].

PC Pitstop is looking for entry level, full-time, work-at- home technical support technicians to help us keep up with our explosive growth.

Job Description

The primary responsibility of the entry level technician is to respond to technical support related tickets through our help desk system. In order to excel at this position, you will need to have a good knowledge of Microsoft Windows, communicate well and efficiently in writing, and have a good temperament for dealing with customers.

You must have a high school degree and a college degree is beneficial. It is also desirable but not required to have some basic web programming such as HTML, Javascript, and CSS. Good grades in high school and college are also desirable but not required.

The position is work at home. You wiill receive a company credit card. On that card, you can put your internet bill, your phone bill and your cell bill. You can also charge any other normal office related expensees on the card.

Our health plan is Blue Cross Blue Shield and covers all medical and there are opt ins for dental and optical. Everyone is very happy with our health plan.

Since we are a virtual company, we compensate for this by having two company meetings in various locations in the United States. The last four meetings were in Houston, TX; Virginia Beach, VA; Seattle, WA; and Ann Arbor, MI. The meetings are mandatory. We also go to several trade shows a year, and we highly encourage employees to attend at least one trade show a year.

You will also be included in the company bonus plan which generally averages 20% / year.

Interested? Contact us via [email protected].

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