Is Technology Killing Childhood?

Kids today seem preoccupied with phones, computers, games are more…to what end?–PC Pitstop.

Is Technology Killing Childhood?

by Jim Hillier for Daves Computer Tips

When I was young I used to hate it when older people said things such as “back in my day” and “when we were young”. Now I’m (much) older, I find myself making those same annoying utterances.

It’s true that children today amuse themselves in very different ways to past generations. When I was a lad (see, there I go again), the vast majority of our leisure time was spent outdoors; playing cowboys and indians, building and racing billy carts – “billy carts”, is that a universal name or unique to Australia? Anyway, just in case, here’s an image.

We boys used to raid the local tip for old pram wheels which included ball bearing races and, let me tell you, when fitted to a billy cart those things could fly. We raced our billy carts down one hill in particular which finished with a sharp left turn at the bottom and a lake straight ahead. The choices were basically either skinned knees trying to navigate the sharp bend or a watery demise. Great fun!

These days, it’s all about electronic devices, videos and video games, and very little to do with imagination.

I’ve had a lot to do with kids over the years – as well as coaching junior football for a long time I’ve been fortunate enough to raise four kids of my own and now enjoy the experience of sharing time with some 13 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren. Are they any different to what we were? No, not on your life.

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