How to Fix Your PC Yourself

How to Fix Your PC Yourself

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Why You Should Always Try To Fix Your Computer Problem Yourself First

One of the biggest misconceptions about computers is that it takes a rocket scientist to fix any problem that might show up on one. I’m here to tell you that fixing your computer is something you can do.Now, in no way am I calling down your local computer repair person (I am one, remember) – they’re by and large a very smart bunch of people, usually with a lot of education and experience. However, the fact remains that a large portion of the problems that computer users encounter can be easily solved by following freely available advice on this and other sites online.

Even more difficult problems can be solved if you’re willing to invest a little time to learn a few things about your computer along the way.—

Fixing Your Own PC Will Save You Money

Saving money is probably an obvious advantage of fixing your own computer.Getting your computer serviced at a local shop will usually run you from $40 to $90 USD per hour or more. Some are less expensive but that’s not the norm.Remote computer support options are typically cheaper but they can only help fix some software related problems and are useless in cases where hardware is to blame.If you fix your computer problem yourself, you can completely avoid what might end up being a several hundred dollar bill. No matter what your financial situation, free is a pretty good deal. That’s a lot of money you can save by investing some time in trying to fix it yourself.—

You Don’t Need Expensive Tools to Fix Your Own Computer

Many people think that they have to buy lots of expensive diagnostic hardware and software to fix a computer. This is absolutely not the case. Expensive tools do exist but they’re usually used to help computer repair services test or solve things quickly or in bulk. Chances are you already have 95% of the physical tools you would ever need to fix any computer problem in your toolbox or garage. Computer repair services also use many software diagnostic tools to determine what might be wrong with a computer but most of the very best ones they use are available for free online!—

In the past 15 years, people from around the world have come to depend on PC Pitstop as a trusted resource for the tools and information they need to fix their own PCs.

The PC Pitstop Forums are an amazing free resource full of information about PC troubleshooting.

The PC Pitstop Driver Library is one of the most complete lists of driver information available online today.

The PC Pitstop Process Library is an extensive list of the most common processes currently running on PCs. Use this library to inspect the safety of your running processes on a regular basis.

The PC Pitstop File Extension Library, the internet’s most comprehensive source for file extension information.

— PC Pitstop

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