Google Announces Chrome OS


Google announced their intent to build a new operating system with design based on the shape of computing today. Noting that today’s browsers run on operating systems first designed before there even was a web, Google says it is set to “rethink what operating systems should be.”

What does Google Promise?

Open Source


Minimal User Interface

Redesigned for Security (no Virus, malware, or updates)

Start and be on the Web in seconds

That’s what they’re telling us. The catch phrases “cloud computing” and “computing on the web” describe where today’s computing is headed. This trend is highlighted by our increasing use of gmail, Windows livemail, and cutting edge applications, including those offered by PC Pitstop.

We are all tired of losing our documents, pictures, and data every time we have a system crash or malware infection.
Computer repair shops are all too eager to reinstall the OS to cure the simplest of problems. It’s much less time consuming for the repair person but causes the consumer a huge loss in time and important data. All of this adds up to big dollars whether it’s spent on recovery software or backup programs.

Google’s intent is to design an operating system that takes full advantage of web based computing. Word documents, pictures, emails, and applications will be stored on the web where they can’t be lost. I can’t wait to see what Google produces. Previous articles on Web Based operating systems and computers running on browsers alone, have had my attention for a long time.

The Google Chrome browser promises to give stiff competition to Microsoft and Apple, as they are the only established competition in the market.

I can’t help but wonder how my existing software is going to work. Will it work? How different can Google’s attempt be, if it’s going to allow us to continue with our existing software titles?

Regardless of how things play out it’s sure going to be fun to watch. I know many on our readers and forum members are familiar with not only the Linux Kernel which is what the OS is reported to be based on, but also lots of other applications and software designs. If you have more information to add or thoughts in general, please put them in the comments section. I’m looking forward to your input and can’t wait to see how you feel about a Google Operating System.


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