Go Back to Windows 7 from Windows 10

Regretting your Windows 10 upgrade? Here are four ways to go back to Windows 7.–PC Pitstop.

Go Back to Windows 7 from Windows 10

By Leo Notenboom

I’m not sure I’d call it hype – Windows 10 is getting good reviews from many people, though of course, not everyone.

While my recommendation is to stick with Windows 10, I realize that’s not a choice everyone is willing to make. So I’ll show you the four most effective ways to go back to Windows 7, assuming that’s what you were running before you upgraded to Windows 10: restore, revert, restore, or reinstall.

1. Restore from a backup

By far the simplest, quickest, and most effective way to go back to Windows 7 is to restore your machine to the backup image you took immediately prior to upgrading to Windows 10.
Best “undo” ever.

It’ll be like Windows 10 never happened on your machine.

Now, to be fair, it’ll also be like any work you did on your machine after you upgraded will also never have happened, so you might want to back up your Windows 10 installation, or at least your data files, prior to restoring your machine to Windows 7.

You didn’t take a backup image prior to the upgrade? Well, then your most recent image backup before upgrading will do. If you’re backing up regularly, that should be perhaps only a day or two prior.

You’re not doing image backups at all? Well, two things, then:

This option is not available to you. Given how easy it would have been, hopefully you’ll now see the value and ….

Start backing up!

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