Gator and WhenU Survey Results

PC Pitstop has the unique ability to survey users to add qualitative information to our quantitative analsyses. Since April 2004, we have been surveying Gator and When U users about their experiences with their software. The following survey question was asked to Gator users after their PC’s were tested but before their test results were displayed:

We have detected one or more programs installed on your PC that were created by the Gator Corporation and are using the GAIN ad network. These programs display advertising based on the web sites you visit. Which of the following matches your Gator installation experience?
  • I do not recall installing any Gator or GAIN application.
  • I did not read the Gator license agreement.
  • I spent five minutes or less reading the Gator license.
  • I spent five to fifteen minutes reading the Gator license.
  • I spent more than fifteen minutes reading the Gator license.

A similar question was asked of WhenU users. Our conclusions are:

  • XP SP2 put a healthy dent in Gator and WhenU penetration rates
  • Despite the falling penetration rates, Gator and WhenU users are still unacceptably unaware that the software is running on their PC.

Enjoy the charts!

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