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Gain Total Control Over Your PC Matic Settings

Whether you’re a brand new customer, someone just looking into PC Matic, or coming to the blog right after your purchase we have a resource that will benefit you. Learning new software can be tricky and may take some time to get the hang of it completely. But to try and minimize any difficulties you have we just refreshed our User Guide for PC Matic! Our User Guide is available to you to answer questions you may have about performing a certain action in the program, or if you’d just like to read along about all of the abilities PC Matic has!

We go into more depth in the User Guide covering:

  • Scheduling Scans
  • Sections of the Scan
  • Installing on Additional Computers
  • Super Shield Options
  • PC Matic for Android
  • And much more!

You can access the User Guide from several different locations. Within PC Matic click the Support button in the upper right hand corner and choose User Guide. You can also view it right from pcmatic.com by clicking on the Support tab at the top and again choosing User Guide. We’ll always be updating the User Guide with any new features or abilities to make sure you have a great explanation of what you can do within PC Matic.

The updated User Guide is also always available to download as a PDF from http://pcmatic.us/UserGuideH. If you have any suggestions on portions of the program you would like our User Guide to go into further depth with that we may have missed, let us know down in the comments!

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