Dodge Retort: Verizon iPhone Neurosis


By John Dodge

My Verizon Wireless iPhone arrived via Fedex today and for hours, I’ve been hesitating to peel off the shrink wrap and take it out of the box.

I’ve taken so long to make this decision, I am preserving the iPhone’s virgin status for a while longer. Once I open it, the thrill of anticipation will evaporate just as it does when you drive a new car out of the showroom.

The Fedex guy said he was delivering lots of them today – not bad turnaround given the onslaught of orders Verizon got when it started taking them online last Thursday. One estimate put the Feb. 3 pre-orders reserved for existing Verizon customers at 100,000 before the iPhone sold out. The same report said Verizon could sell 2.5 million in the first wave and as many as 9 million in 2011.

My faithful readers know I agonized over this as a result of two year phone contracts. I passed on Androids phones which I’ve amply reviewed here. All were able smart phones, but I kept delaying upgrading based on the mere rumor that Verizon would get the iPhone.

Why did I buy the iPhone instead of going for an Android unit?

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