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by Jim Hillier in Daves Computer Tips

CCleaner has been around for a long time, with a proven track record it has become among the most trusted and widely downloaded freeware applications available today. Many contenders have since been released, enjoying varying degrees of success. I’ve been using CCleaner for so long I thought it was about time to take a look at a few of the more popular alternatives:

#1. SlimCleaner comes to us from SlimWare Utilities, a relatively new freeware developer with concepts firmly set in the cloud. As with all SlimWare utilities, most of SlimCleaner’s elements rely heavily on user input and the subsequent accumulated cloud based data. SlimCleaner incorporates two basic components, cleaning and optimization, as well as several miscellaneous tools. SlimCleaner has gained popularity in a relatively short period of time and generally garners positive editorial reviews and user comments.

Initial download is only 558KB but this is merely a pre-installer which includes an option to install the AVG Security Toolbar, plus change the home page and search provider to AVG Secure Search. Unfortunately this option is enabled by default so, if you do not want the Toolbar, make sure to ‘untick’ the associated box. After running the pre-installer the main program (approx 6.3MB) will then be downloaded and installed. It sounds a tad complicated but the ‘extras’ are purely optional and installation is actually quite straightforward.

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