Cyber Security: Why Money Isn’t the Answer

With the growing cyber security threats, a misconception has established — if users spend more money on security they’ll get better protection.  Wrong.  Regardless of how much money users spend on protection they could still be infected unless they find the right protection.  But how do they do that?

Focusing on Detection Rates

If users are going to make changes to an existing security solution, it’s important to ensure they’re getting a better product than they already had.  This doesn’t necessarily mean something more expensive.  When it comes to a security solution, the replacement antivirus must outperform the prior solution.  A way evaluate performance is to check third party detection testing.  Users can do so through various third party testing agencies, such as AV Comparatives and Virus Bulletin.

It is important PC users do not begin associating “the best security solution” with what is most expensive.  For example, several large businesses, even medical organizations, have increased their IT budget exponentially to get “better” security to battle today’s threats.  Unfortunately, spending thousands of dollars more doesn’t necessarily mean they’re getting better protection.

Users, please research security providers.  Understand, there are several pieces to picking the right security solution.  First, do you just want an antivirus?  Do you want something that also include automated scans?  What about PC optimization tools?  How do you feel about application whitelisting technology?  It is best to keep all of these things in mind when looking into a security solution.  It is also important decision makers look at consumer reviews, Better Business Bureau rating, and detection and prevention rate testing.


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