Bob Rankin: Pay Microsoft $99 To Remove Crapware?

pay microsoft $99 to remove crapware

By Bob Rankin

Microsoft Removes Crapware for $99

“Crapware” is a crude but apt term for unnecessary software loaded onto computers by hardware vendors. It may include trial versions of software that have limited functionality, demos that are nothing more than advertisements, and shareware utilities that duplicate functions already built into Windows. Vendors get paid a little bit for including each piece of crapware on their computers, and a bit more every time a customer upgrades one of those trial versions to a paid version.

For over two years, Microsoft has been selling crapware-free PCs through its online store and a handful of retail stores. These “Signature edition” computers boot to a clean Windows desktop, without any distracting pop-ups pushing crapware trials. Signature edition PCs are also faster than crapware-laden computers, according to Microsoft.

How much faster? Microsoft actually ran tests on a bunch of new PCs, and found that those without the extra software bloat started up almost 40% faster. For those with laptops, Sleep and Resume times are also significantly reduced.

If you have been kicking yourself for not buying a Signature edition PC from Microsoft, you can stop now. Microsoft technicians will convert your existing computer to a Signature version for only $99. All you have to do is bring your crapware-laden computer to a Microsoft retail store. There are a whole sixteen of them in the country right now, and that number will soon swell to 21. Oh, and you have to leave your computer with Microsoft for 24 to 48 hours, then come back and get it. On the plus side, you also get 90 days of free phone support after the Signature service.

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This excerpt is shared with permission from Bob Rankin.

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