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5 Most Obvious PC Safety Tips

The best computer safety tips aren’t just free—they also save you money over the long term by keeping you and your computer out of trouble. So whether you want to save money or you just want to avoid spending it, try these 5 most obvious computer tips:

4 Tips for Easy Printer Installation

If you’ve just invested in a new printer and are panicking about having to set it all up, you needn’t worry. The latest models are designed to be incredibly straightforward; in some instances all you need to do is install the ink cartridges, plug it in and connect the printer to your computer or server. However, there are some basic guidelines that you need to follow.

3 Alternatives to Microsoft Excel

In essence, all spreadsheets are the same in that they help organize and analyze data. The main difference between Microsoft Excel and other spreadsheets is the interface.

How Do SSDs Really Work?

SSDs (Solid State Drives) work very differently to older HDDs (Hard Disk Drives). This gives them several advantages over HDDs, but also a few drawbacks.

Metro-style Browsing for Windows 7 with Immersive Explorer

metro-sytle browsing in windows 7

Immersive Explorer is a new app which has come up to relieve you from the mundane Windows Explorer. This is a metro style, streamlined and clean application for file browser. This Windows Explorer replacement is designed completely with Metro UI interface.