Are Desktop Computers a Thing of The Past?


By Windows Talk

Are Desktop Computers a Thing of The Past?

The desktop PC. You may not think of it as anything you can live without if you use it for work. And we’ve been chained to our single-location workstations for years. But will this
traditional computing companion soon become an entry in the annals of tech history? Some say that the advent of more powerful computers in smaller and more mobile packages will result in the extinction of the desktop computer.

Those who are of the opinion that we will soon not need desktop PCs aren’t saying so without reason. After all, the rest of our devices have gotten smaller, whether you’re talking about the remote control for your television set or your home phone. These days, you can get desktop-quality storage space and RAM speed on what seems like an impossibly-small device. So it seems like a natural evolution would be taking place if the desktop PC were slowly to fade from mainstream usage.

Desktops by the Numbers

According to sales analysis, laptops are the focus of up to 80 percent of today’s computer sales. But interestingly, almost ninety percent of the households in the United States still use a desktop computer, while only fifty percent use laptops.

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