Devin Bergin

Feature Update: VNC

Due to several issues with the core of TigerVNC, we have made the decision to roll back to our previous remote client TightVNC. This requires no changes for you and you should now see TightVNC when using the remote feature. With this change we will unfortunately lose multiple simultaneous connections and the ability to run …

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New Feature: EDR Status

We’re excited to announce a new tool to research and control your devices. EDR Status currently encompasses three unique abilities within PC Matic Pro & MSP. Access the EDR Status tab from your sidebar menu. Execution Research Review all files that have executed within the last 60 days across your devices. You can easily search …

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Feature Improvement – Installer Options

We have expanded the available configurations within the Installer Downloads – Endpoint Installer tab. When opening this tab, it will now have that level’s settings prepopulated for SuperShield Options. You can then adjust all of the SuperShield Options settings to fit the installation you’re about to do. It’s important to keep in mind that after …

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PC Matic Shield

I Installed PC Matic, Now What?

So you decided to purchase PC Matic and take a better approach to security on your devices, but aren’t sure where to go from here. Well don’t worry, because we’ve got your back! Lets get installed! After purchasing PC Matic the final page you reach should initiate a download of the PC Matic installer automatically. …

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Feature Addition: File Manager

We’re excited to introduce a new way to manage your devices right from within your web console! From each device’s page, access the Actions menu to try out the new File Manager. You can easily move files back and forth between your computer and the device you’re managing. The file manager’s integration into the web …

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