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My Top 5 PC Product Peeves

I love my computers and all that goes with them BUT, why oh why do manufacturers insist on perpetuating the awful design flaws which tend to irritate and frustrate most users. Here are my top 5 pet peeves:

Is Windows 8 a ‘Catastrophe’ for Everyone?

As Microsoft moves to a software store model, similar to Apple’s iTunes or the Google Play store, for the Windows ecosystem – software developers are not happy. Is this the opportunity Linux has been looking for to steal the Operating System spotlight?

Real-time Updates for Windows 8

It’s been a long time practice for many Windows users to wait until the release of an SP1 before actually migrating to any new operating system, and it seems Microsoft is working toward convincing these users otherwise.

Navigating Windows 8 for the First Time

Ok, you’ve made a leap of faith. You’ve bought a new PC or upgraded to Windows 8. Now what? How do you accomplish the tasks you used to do in a previous operating system? Where is the desktop? Where is the Start Menu? What the heck are you looking at? What is this thingy over here.