PCTechBytes: Analzye and Benckmark Your PC for Free

Note from PC Pitstop: We recently asked our TechTalk contributors to recommend a favorite FREE application or tool that they currently use. This post is the response from PCTechBytes.

By David Purcell, for PCTechBytes.com

Analzye and Benckmark Your PC for Free

PC Wizard 2012 is a very useful system utility software for aiding those with a modding, repairing or upgrading background. With its wealth of information, no secrets your computer holds will be untold. This system utility software has the ability to scan every aspect of your hardware, ranging from naming the brand of speakers you have to something as in depth as your processor’s actual frequency versus its theoretical. But that is just information located on the hardware tab. With the ability to both analyze and benchmark, this system utility software is set apart from most.

Install PC Wizard 2012 System Utility Software

The PC Wizard 2012 System Utility installation is mostly straight forward. It tries not to throw any curve balls at the installer. The one caveat in the entire install process would be asking if you would like to install the Ask Toolbar along with the system utility. A simple check box left unchecked will remedy the situation if you are not one for installing toolbars. This procedure is done by almost all free software companies as an alternative to regular advertising by allowing the user to opt out with a single click. If one was running through the installer blindly hitting “Next”, they would unknowingly install it along with the program. I only bring this to attention for those of us who like to strictly govern what is installed on our PC, not that there is anything inherently wrong with the toolbar.

More about PC Wizard here

This post is excerpted with the permission of PCTechBytes.com

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