Ad Injector Warning from Google

Search results are already confusing – malware only complicates the problem.–PC Pitstop.

Ad Injector Warning from Google

by Fox Van Allen for Techlicious

Has your web browsing experience been subject to a surprisingly high number of advertisements lately? If so, the problem may be that your computer is infected with an ad injector. Ad injectors are malware that – as the name suggests – inserts extra, unwanted ads into websites, making pages very difficult to navigate, see and use. Some even deliver ads explaining that a virus infection has been detected on your computer, hoping you won’t put two and two together to figure out that it’s the popup window itself that’s trying to hold your computer itself for ransom.

As an example, see this screen shot from Google. It shows what can occur when Adware is interfering with a standard Google search. Rather than getting the expected search results, you get ads disguised to look like Google links, along with image adsa and overlays—something you would never see in an uninfected search results page.


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