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ABCD Pediatrics Breached and Hit with Ransomware

ABCD Pediatrics Hit Twice by Cyber Criminals

Another ransomware attack was reported, this time by ABCD Pediatrics, located in San Antonio, Texas.  Ransomware reports have sadly become the norm lately, but this one is a bit different.  Not only was the medical facility hit with ransomware, their IT department also reported unknown user IDs created, that accessed various patient files.

ABCD Pediatrics disclosed the ransomware attack almost two months after the attack originated.  You can see their full disclosure here.  The attack was found in February of 2017.

The medical facility was able to restore their files using their back up systems.  They reported no ransom demands were made, however they cannot confirm the information accessed by the unknown user IDs is safe and won’t be distributed on the dark web.  ABCD Pediatrics made the following statement,

“While ABCD’s IT Company found no evidence that confidential information was actually acquired or removed from its servers and computers, it could not rule out the possibility that confidential information may have been viewed and possibly was acquired. Importantly, ABCD cannot confirm with a high degree of likelihood that confidential information remained secure throughout this incident. Generally, affected information may have included one’s name, address, telephone, date of birth, other demographic information, Social Security Number, insurance billing information, current procedural technology codes, medical records, and laboratory reports.”

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