6 Reasons You Should Have 2 Monitors

6 Reasons You Should Have 2 Monitors

By Bob Rankin

A larger monitor is not always the best answer for those computer users who find themselves space constrained.–PC Pitstop

Dual Monitors For Increased Productivity

If you’ve ever wished for a bigger computer screen, here’s an even better idea. Use a dual monitor (or multi monitor) setup to extend your desktop across two or more screens. Both Windows and Mac computers have the ability to simulate one BIG screen using a dual or multi monitor configuration. Adding a second monitor will be cheaper than upgrading to a super-size screen, and there are other advantages too.

I’ve used two monitors on my PC for the past several years. My system has dual 24-inch flat-panel monitors and I love it. I set both monitors on my desk, side by side, and a bit of software magic creates the illusion of one giant screen. I can open a website on one screen, and a word processor on the other, then copy and paste from one screen to another. I can even open a spreadsheet and stretch it across the full width of both screens if I want.

Personally, I find that all the extra desktop space makes me more productive and greatly enhances the fun of computing. When I am forced to use a computer that has a single screen, I notice the limitations right away, as the extra scrolling and alt-tabbing becomes tedious. Others have told me that after ten minutes of using a dual monitor setup, they can’t imagine living without it.

Here are SIX good reasons to have dual monitors: Article Continued Here

Excerpt shared with permission from Bob Rankin.

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