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PC Matic Pro – The Only Choice For Superior Security Protection

Cross Way Christian Supply, the retail store located in Greenville and Easley, South Carlonia knew PC Matic Pro was the superior choice for PC protection…

Before PC Matic Pro

“We were using AVG, and AVG wasn’t always protecting us like I thought it should,” Ben Gilliard, President of Cross Way Christian Supply, explained when asked why he made the switch to PC Matic Pro. “We did get infected one time with some sort of malware that would always pop up on the screen and not let you do anything or go anywhere without harassing you.” Ben added, “It just didn’t feel right. I really didn’t like the pricing structure, because I could only get 10 or 20 or 30, or whatever the even numbers were that they were pricing at that point in time.”

Why PC Matic Pro?

“I used PC Matic for 5 users, and I had that experience behind me for about a year. We were using that and never had a problem of any sort, and I liked that. Then I added another 5 to start using in the store, because I didn’t have enough AVG licenses to actually do it without buying another license. So, I said, ‘Well, I’m not going to do that. I’m just going to buy [PC Matic].’ I bought it and used for about a year when we went to PC Matic Pro.”

Favorite PC Matic Pro Feature

As the owner of a small business with multiple locations, Ben wears many hats, and counts on being able to maintain his endpoints from wherever he is, using PC Matic’s remote access feature. “My favorite feature is being able to log in and actually see all the machines, and be able to remotely access those machines if I need to. Because I’m the only one that gets in, you know? It’s just me and no one else actually. I own the company, but I’m also the only administrator for everything. It makes it real simple for me to keep up with all the machines.”

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