5 Best Things About DropBox

5 pros and 5 cons of using DropBox.–PC Pitstop.

5 Best Things About DropBox

by Karen Homan for Daves Computer Tips

It’s free. A free account gets you 2 GB of space. For me, that’s not very much, but since I already have other areas where I save my digital music and the bulk of my images online – I use Dropbox to store a minimal amount of files I’m working on regularly and it suits that need fine.

It’s NOT Google. Between the Google search engine, my Android phone and Google everything else, I’m fairly thrilled to find something that isn’t integrated with Google. I know I could be using Google Drive to store and work on my files, but I’m a little tired of Google having access to everything I do. In my mind, they ARE Big Brother. Plus, I’m not terribly impressed with their Office-like app functionality.

It syncs. With average size files, syncing is pretty much drop and drag, wait a minute and bada-boom, you’re synced – your files are now available on your computer, your phone and your tablet. If you hate looking around for that flash drive or are simply in a hurry, Dropbox delivers as long as your internet does too.

You can share one or all of your files.
If someone else has Dropbox, you can share certain files with them. They can even edit those files and share them back in your Dropbox if you are collaborating on a project. Even if they don’t have Dropbox, you can send them a link to view the files you want to share.

There’s an undo/delete.
Who doesn’t like UNDO? Seriously? I’m a deleter from way back. I hate clogging up my email account with trash and spam. I go through it all as best I can and delete stuff permanently regularly. Some people can’t live with that process. At least with an undo/delete feature, you’ll feel a little more confident that your 1,000 page autobiography hasn’t disappeared off the face of the earth.

5 Worst Things About Dropbox–Article Continued Here

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