4 Ways to Avoid Being Hacked

4 ways to protect yourself from a potential hack.–PC Pitstop.

4 Ways to Avoid Being Hacked

by Adam Davies for Daves Computer Tips

How much damage getting hacked causes you often dictates how much you should care. If your mobile phone that’s only used to play Plants vs. Zombies gets exploited you probably won’t care. Your main computer getting hacked with banking access and email logins may take more time to recover from. So, how much do you care?…

My personal computer has little information that a hacker will find useful. My work computer getting hacked will lead to me losing money, time, and clients. For that reason, I tend to be a little more careful while working than I would if just playing games and watching YouTube.

I have studied hacking and cracking since my first website was hacked, almost 17 years ago.

I work as a programmer for a company called Judd associates. During the day I develop and market websites. At night I have always enjoyed learning about the more nefarious forms of programming. Kind of like desert; saved until last. The advantage of learning the techniques has been to help protect my friends and clients from such attacks. So, consider yourself a client and let’s get started…

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