3 Tips to Increase Keyboard Speed

How to increase your typing speed and accuracy with Microsoft Office.–PC Pitstop.

3 Tips to Increase Keyboard Speed

by Jim Canfield for Daves Computer Tips

Auto Correct Text – Auto Correct Inserts – Quick Parts

If you are anything like me, there are just some words you just cannot spell correctly no matter how hard you try. Now, I am not talking about the few of you that somehow know how to spell everything. I am talking about people like me. In fact I spell some of them so wrong, Word cannot even offer me suggestions.

Furthermore, there are a few words, more than I care to admit, that tie my fingers in knots when I type too fast. I will put, “you for your,” “th for the”, put an “e” in accommodating or twist several others into unrecognizable combinations.

Of course, one of the best things about electronic writing is having the option of going back to correct your mistakes without having to use an eraser or “Whiteout”. Word will highlight your typo mistakes and simply run spell checker or right click to correct.

But what if you can prevent them in the first place? If you know your faults enter them into AutoCorrect and your common mistakes are gone forever.

In this article, we will walk through two features in Microsoft Office that will increase your typing speed and improve your accuracy. We will be doing this in Word but once completed it will work in all your MS Office programs.

The two features we will be covering are: AutoCorrect and Quick Parts.

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