PC Matic University Basic Email Test

An Informative Series

Back in December, we brought you the first of the PC Matic University quizzes. The basic computer safety test quiz is meant to see how much you know about, well, computer safety. But PC Matic University (PCMU) isn’t just about safety. We want to make sure you understand a variety of topics.

Email Basics

It might sound silly, but how much do you actually know about email? Are you a complete novice? If so, we want to help. While there’s a variety of email programs out there, they all have some of the same basic functions.

You can learn more about email by watching the video below narrated by the voice of PCMU, James. He’ll take you through some of the most basic email functions.

Join James in learning more about basic email functions

Afterwards, you can take the test or jump to it by clicking here.

We want to hear your feedback! Are you enjoying PCMU? Are the topics on par with your needs? What else could we cover for you?

PCMU was built to help people understand their machines and programs better. We want to make sure we’re bringing you the content you need.

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5 thoughts on “PC Matic University Basic Email Test”

  1. Really elementary (3rd grade or lower) level explanations. It does not really explain much of anything! For example, what is the difference between the Spam folder and the Trash folder? Does the Spam folder allow you to see the e-mail in un-rendered form (raw HTML) so your computer does not send any malware-generated acknowledgements back to the server?

  2. email basics was very helpful. I have been using email for years and learned new things that I never knew before. I have friends who still do not have a computer so have no idea about the very basic basics. James did a great job of explaining the basics but trying to think through my friends eyes they still would not know how to get to an email service in order to do emails. Thanks again.

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