PC Matic Continues to Advance

As Cyber Threats Advance, So Does PC Matic

The PC Matic development team has been busy continuing to advance its security protection throughout the second quarter of 2019. Check out their latest updates impacting PC Matic Pro, below.

Anti-Tampering Protection

Through several recent quarters, our team has been adding additional features to PC Matic Pro to increase the security of our client on each device. These features began with a restriction on the uninstall process at each machine, limiting uninstalls to being initiated from within our web console. Next, we officially launched SuperShield’s ELAM (Early Launch Anti-Malware) Driver to allow our real-time protection to run as a protected process. This prevents users or malicious actors with remote control of a machine from removing or killing our real-time protection. 

These changes mainly come as a response to the rise in RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) based attacks. This attack vector is becoming incredibly popular with cybercriminals and every day more businesses, schools, and governments are getting hit with ransomware through open RDP ports. 

Speed & Stability Improvements

In the second quarter, our development team has refocused efforts from adding new features or capabilities into PC Matic Pro to improving speed and stability within our web console. You will continue to notice more improvements as the year continues related to overall speed, especially with larger accounts. Several areas, including the Devices list and Blocked Status Report, have already seen drastic increases in speed and stability. 

This includes a drastic decrease in time required to whitelist applications from the Blocked Status Report, all actions here now happen in real-time to allow fast response to false positives on your account. Instead of waiting up to 15 minutes for whitelisted applications to sync down from your web console, now every device will immediately update to obtain those changes after saving.

Installer Options

To increase flexibility during the installation process, we have expanded the installer options available to include SuperShield Options. This allows you to set configurations like Enable Java, or Device/USB Control immediately on install instead of waiting for settings to take effect shortly after install has completed. 

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