More Threats Facing Mobile Devices

New Malicious Software Exploiting Passwords on Mobile Devices

Researchers have discovered a new way hackers can worm their way into your mobile devices. The latest malicious threat creates the ability for cyber criminals to hack into microphones of smartphones and tablets. Upon doing so, they are able to record the sounds of the keys chosen to unlock devices. From there, they are able to determine which keystrokes unlock the device. Once they have the passcode, they are able to unlock the device to do what they please.

Now, before chaos ensues, it’s important to know this was recently discovered by researchers, not in the wild. However, it likely won’t be long before hackers exploit this opportunity. So, what should you do?

First, it is important users have an antivirus solution on their devices to block malware from running on their smartphone or tablet. For PC Matic users, you may also use PC Matic on your Android mobile devices. To do so, access the Google Play Store, download “PC Matic for Android”, and log in using your existing PC Matic credentials.

Also, to throw off the malware, users can input the wrong password sporadically to throw off the consistency of using the same keystrokes. Users should also change their passcodes every couple months.

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25 thoughts on “More Threats Facing Mobile Devices”

  1. Those of you using iphones should ask Apple what to do to secure their phones. If they can’t tell you then you should switch from Apple to Android. Apple is way over priced anyway.

    1. PC Matic is not currently compatible with Apple devices. We are working on a Mac computer version; however, this will not protect Apple’s mobile devices.

  2. nakia thompson

    One of the reasons is probably the apple tax companies have to pay to have there app on Apple products. Apple charges millions just to allow the app to be available to there users.

  3. Apple doesn’t allow developers the kind of access PCPitStop and other true utilities need to improve performance. It’s like Disney- the experience you see is the experience you get. Just stay within the lines and keep moving.

  4. Are you serious, or just haven’t thought this through? Do you just want something to make you feel better? There are no viruses for iOS or macOS.

    People NEED a walled garden so they don’t try to download and install “Adobe Flash” twenty seven times. I can’t tell you how often people need to be protected from their own dumb selves.

  5. Why NOT? Did you read the above responses? Perhaps Steven had the right answer….another company. If you won’t respond to your customers (especially in a situation like THIS, it MIGHT be time for this relationship to end.

    1. Not at this time. PC Matic is currently compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 and Android devices. We do have a Mac version in beta testing, but this will be for Mac computers, not Apple’s mobile devices.

  6. I have a current PC-Matic 5-user account for PC’s

    How do I put similar protection on my Android phones?

    1. On the Android device, access the Google Play Store. Download PC Matic for Android, and log in using your existing PC Matic credentials.

  7. Please get us a way to protect iphone7 and above! my wife just bought an iphone10 and gave me an iphone7.

  8. Well since the IPhone is not on your road map maybe time for us Iphone users to take pcpitstop OFF our roadmap

  9. Carolyn J LoCaste

    I rely on PCMatic to keep my devices free of worms and viruses. Hurry up and get my iPhone covered also!!!

      1. I phones,iPads,any apple computer are virus free due to the software this products use
        IPhone thanks to your followers

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