Fake PC Matic Phone Number Published Online

BEWARE: Scammers Post Fake PC Matic Phone Number

This isn’t the first time scammers began targeting PC Matic users.  In the middle of 2017, there was a scam going around where hackers would call PC Matic users claiming to be our support team.  Now there is a website, www.pcmaticsupportnumber.com, that is scamming our customers into paying for fraudulent technical support.  This website has since been taken down, but the phone numbers still exist.  They’ve published videos on YouTube, created social media pages, and websites promoting these telephone numbers.  PC Matic continues to work diligently to get these pages and videos taken down.  However, as mentioned before, the fake PC Matic phone number is still showing up in search results.  We will do our best to get them removed, but in the meantime, it is imperative our customers know, this is a scam.  PC Matic does not, and has never, offered phone based support.

If you need assistance from a PC Matic technician, you may reach our helpdesk at www.pcmatic.com/help.  This is the only way to reach legitimate PC Matic support.

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4 thoughts on “Fake PC Matic Phone Number Published Online”

  1. These scammers are using your page to get everybody they got me. I think if you started a phone service that would them. An save your dedicated customers alot of extra money, an wastedtime

    1. Hi Phil, Thank you for expressing your concern. We can assure you, we do not have malware inserted on our websites. However, to determine how they got your email address, you may go to https://haveibeenpwned.com/ — if you put your email address in the “email address” bar on that site, it will tell you if it has been breached, and by what sites.

  2. I received a pop-up from PC Matic???? stating that super shield was not installed on my machine. It is! clicked the download to see and it was a microsoft page with a link? page. Did not download.

    1. Hi Bob – Please reach out to our helpdesk team regarding the issue you’re reporting. They will be able to determine why the pop-up is being sent to you, since you already have SuperShield installed. You may submit a helpdesk ticket at http://www.pcmatic.com/help.

      Thank you!

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