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Why do Employees Continue to Bypass IT Regulations?

Non-Compliance for IT Regulations Remains a Big Issue for Companies

Compliance with IT regulations continues to be an issue for most companies throughout the world.  IT experts weighed in on this very issue just a few weeks ago.  However, additional insight has been provided.

Employees have various motives for not complying with IT regulations.  According to Joe Stangarone from MRC-Productivity, this could be a lack of IT presence in the company, or a lack of IT budget.  Although, how can IT budgets excuse employees from following the rules?  Employees want things done quickly.  If they do not have the IT tools to complete the necessary tasks, they will find alternative programs to get the job done.  Often times, these other programs have not been approved by management, leading to non-compliance.

Dodi Glenn, Vice President of Cyber Security for PC Matic, believes another issue may be hiding behind the scenes.  Dodi believes some employees breach IT regulations on purpose.  He states,

“Some of these reasons have nothing to do with IT locking down the network, but rather employees trying to avoid being “caught” doing things on work time, such as streaming music, engaging in social media, or watching movies.  IT may have policies in place to prohibit using these networks. Violating these policies, in some cases, could lead to termination of the employee’s job. For this reason, employees try to hide what they are doing on company time.”

Read the full 5 (more) reasons why end users bypass the IT department article here.

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