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Ransomware Impacts Massachusetts Public Television for 6 Months

Boylston Massachusetts Public Television Suffers for Five Months After Ransomware Hit

As of today, the Boylston public television channels and guides are back to normal.  In March, the station was hit with an unknown ransomware variant.  The ransom demand was not disclosed; however, it appears the demands were not met.  Six months after the attack, the network is getting everything back to normal.  Until last week, the online television guide displayed was from March.  Although, that has now been fixed.  It was reported, the television channels have remained on-air.

In an effort to remediate the issue, the station replaced their server.  Employees are still in the process of sorting thousands of video files.  An estimated 200 video files were encrypted with ransomware.  However, the station plans to replace those files through backups.

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