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Twitter Hacked and It Appears the Turks Are to Blame

Twitter Hacked Leaving Nazism Messages

Today, dozens of Twitter accounts were hacked impacting various individuals from the European Parliament, UNICEF USA and BBC North America.  It is believed the attacks originated due to a diplomatic spat between Germany, Turkey and the Netherlands.  According to MSN, the Germans and Dutch barred Turkish ministers from campaigning in portions of their countries, leaving the Turks to believe “nazism is alive” in these regions.  Upon breaching the system, the hackers left posts in Turkish with swastikas and the hashtags #Nazialmanya and #Nazihollanda.

The cyber criminals were able to hack the system through a vulnerability in a third app used by Twitter, called Twitter Counter.  This app offers statistical and analytical analysis of Twitter accounts.  Twitter has assured users the vulnerability has been patched, and Twitter Counter tweeted out the following statement,

“We’re aware that our service was hacked and have started an investigation into the matter. We’ve already taken measures to contain such abuse.”


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