Phishing Scam Exposes 756K Californian’s Personal Data

Phishing scam infects LA County offices, revealing thousands of files.

A recent breach of several LA County offices led to over 750,000 personal files being leaked to Nigerian hacker, Austin Kelvin Onaghinor.  The report, made by CSO Online, stated a warrant has been placed for the hacker who is allegedly responsible for the phishing scam.

The breach occurred after 108 various government employees opened phishing emails.  The content of the emails is unknown at this time.  However, it is believed they could be a part of the phishing scam that hit LA County earlier this year.  A few of the departments impacted by the breach were the probation office, Child and Family Services, and Child Support Services.

It is unknown if the information obtained by the hacker is being sold on the dark market.  This information includes names, addresses, birthdates, and also social security numbers.  The county is currently offering all impacted citizens free credit monitoring services for a year.  The county also reported implementing additional controls to mitigate the risks of future phishing attacks.

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  1. Hello Kayla Thrailkill and Everyone, One year for your personal information is not enough protection. You need to lock your information down all of the credit reporting services for as long as possible and keep checking them out at least once a year, but more checks are better.

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