Microsoft Support Scam Ties in Ransomware to Boost Profits

Reverse engineer and analyst, Jakub Kroustek, recently discovered a new Microsoft scam that ties in a twist of ransomware. Vindows Locker is a support scam that locks your files, like ransomware, until a payment of $349.99 is received.

Along with the payment demand, a phone number is provided. If users call the phone number, they will be connected with a “support member” claiming to be from Microsoft. But, of course they are not affiliated with Microsoft. The intent of the phone call is to gather personal information from the PC user, as well as financial information.

Fortunately for those infected, these cyber criminals were sloppy. Meaning, decryption keys are available for all locked files. The decryption keys can be found here.


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3 thoughts on “Microsoft Support Scam Ties in Ransomware to Boost Profits”

  1. Have a continuous interruption from Microsoft telling me that there was a virus on my computer that was stealing my credit card details and passwords. This did not worry me as I don’t have a credit card and all my passwords are in my head or written down in a folder and not on the computer.
    I rang the 1800 number to see what would happen and as soon as the girl on the other end asked for access to my computer “so our engineers can walk you through the repairs” .I hung up. The American accented voice on the internet also said that If I did not immediately comply the instructions they would be compelled to cut me off the network.. The only way I could get rid of them was to bring up Task Master and delete them this way.
    Sure enough the next day I could not get onto the internet and eventually found , with Tec assistance from my provider Westnet that they had gained access to my modem by using the standard code “ADMIN’ which I believe apply s to all modems, and altered my password so I changed it back and everything worked as normal. I changed the entry p/word from “ADMIN” to something else but I still have to bring up Task Master to get rid of them

    1. If it wasn’t for Unions children would be still working down mines and in unsafe conditions.
      I am aware that some Union members are crooks but it is unfair to paint everyone with the same brush.

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