2M Users Exposed in Ubuntu Breach

The popular software platform, Ubuntu, suffered a security breach of their forums last week…

Ubuntu shut down their forums on July 14, 2016 after they were notified of a security breach.  A third-party claimed to have a copy of the forum database.  Once this was confirmed, the forums were shut down until the vulnerability could be properly addressed.

At this time, it is known that 2 million users’ IPs, email addresses and user names were accessible to the hacker.  The software platform has apologized for the breach, as well as the inconvenience it may have caused to all of their users.

It should be noted, the breach did not expose any passwords.

Ubuntu shares with the public how the breach occurred, and what other areas they believe the breach did not impact.  Click here to read the full statement from their staff.

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1 thought on “2M Users Exposed in Ubuntu Breach”

  1. What’s with the Linux breaches? First Mint & now Ubuntu? Man, I’d have thought after Mint’s debacle, everyone else would have had a good close look at THEIR setups? I guess not….

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