Cyber Criminals Fail Against Pricey Software

Does an increase price tag mean your security software is impenetrable, or can cyber criminals still maneuver their way into your PC?

In a recent study conducted by IDG, sponsored by PC Pitstop, it was founded that out of the 211 U.S. based IT staff, 48% spend over $500,000 USD annually on cyber security efforts.  They should be protected right?  When you’re spending over half a million dollars on cyber security, you’d sure hope so.  Unfortunately that is not the case.  Forty-six percent of those surveyed reported experiencing some form of previous cyber attack.

PC Pitstop Vice President of Cybersecurity, Dodi Glenn, made the following statement to Legal Tech News:

“What everyone needs to remember is that any of these pieces of malware could easily establish a foothold within a company. All it takes is for one hacker to gain access and turn it over to someone who would be more interested in the treasure chest of data. It isn’t uncommon for someone to hack into an organization, then sell the pilfered data on the underground market.  Spending more money on cybersecurity defenses does not directly correlate with ‘better protection.’ Spending the money for the correct products for your environment, however, will provide better protection.”

PC Pitstop CEO, Rob Cheng, also had the following to say, to Legal Tech News, regarding the increase in malware activity:

“The security problem is getting consistently worse, the consequences are getting consistently larger, and the frequency is growing. It’s time to consider a new architecture—the existing model isn’t working.”

Rob was referencing the proprietary whitelisting technology that is used in both PC Matic and PC Matic Pro.

You can read the full story from Legal Tech News here.

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