Major Security Hole Found In Norton Anti-Virus

If you have Norton Anti-Virus as your security software protection, you have to read this…

According to BGR, a security researcher found a gaping hole in Norton Anti-Virus.  This vulnerability means that any hacker could send a specific coded file via email to any Windows, Linux, or Mac PC and successfully infect it.  The user did not need to even open the email, as once the malicious code is scanned, you’re infected.

The good news is, Norton has already begun fixing the problem.  If you are using Norton as your security protection, you need to run the Live Update Tool and install any updates available.


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12 thoughts on “Major Security Hole Found In Norton Anti-Virus”

  1. Anyone know how to actually, totally, remove Norton Security from your system these days.

    My computer runs fine, BUT, you try to remove it with the “Norton_Removal_tool” and/or with their pitiful attempts to “help.” and install any other security software. ANY…

    …and you’re greet with a blue screen error at least a couple of times a day that interrupts what you’re trying to accomplish and forces you to reboot to go another 8-24 hours before it does it again.

    Reinstall Norton Security, the problem vanishes. It almost behaves as their own form of Ransomware…

  2. Why did you report this? Norton identified a threat, created a solution and distributed it to their clients. To protect against new threats all Virus software must first know about it. Good ones like Norton monitor the internet world wide to identify threats as soon as they come out.

    1. Kayla Thrailkill

      We shared this news to inform Norton users the need to conduct an update to patch the vulnerability.

  3. PC Matic for 3 years after dropping Norton. Love Super Shield. Windows 10 after bitching a lot I like.

  4. I used Norton Tools way back but dropped all Norton products when he sold his name and products to Symantec.

  5. Used Norton for many years and like Robert gave it away about 2003 when its cpu usage became unbearable and switched to Spyware Doctor for about 10 years untill it was taken over by… guess who… yes, Norton lol, Well for the last 3 years or so I now use Norton without ANY issues… I love it now. Barely notice CPU usage unless its been idle for a time. This latest is a bit scary though.

  6. TheOncomingStorm

    makes me glad i never used this worthless program. all i’ve ever used was windows defender and surfed smart. to prevent “drive-by” trojan downloading from hacked advertisements, i have adblock and ghostery for chrome so i never see any ads in the first place. i also never open any suspicious emails either. that’s been my security for years and i’ve never had any serious problems.

  7. Kayla, use spell check or edit your column before posting! I ABHOR bad grammar and spelling! you’re a professional!
    “found a GAPPING hole”
    “has already began”

    1. @tim: As you seem to be so sensitive to poor grammar, I’ll just point out that the exclamation mark after the word “spelling” in your posting effectively ends the sentence, so the first word of the following sentence should commence with a capital letter – ” You’re”, not “you’re”.

  8. Robert Brumley

    I used to use Norton some years ago and quit because it’s a big resource hog (large memory capacity, excessive processor load) and has had many security issues.

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