DeKalb Health Infected By Ransomware

Auburn, Indiana hospital, DeKalb Health, transfers patients to alternative care facilities after ransomware infected their administrative systems…

DeKalb Health found themselves the most recent victim of a ransomware infection.  Earlier this month, ransomware took hold of their administrative systems.  Luckily, DeKalb had a disaster recovery plan in place in such systems were to fail.  They were able to maintain a certain level of operations; however for more sensitive cases they had to transfer patients to other health care facilities to ensure proper care could be provided.  It is not being disclosed if a ransom was demanded, or paid.  According to 21Alive, DeKalb Health is currently employing a third party forensics firm to investigate how their systems were infected.

For a full list of ransomware attacks this year, click here.

We have also generated an interactive map that includes all of the ransomware attacks within the United States that have occurred this year.


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  1. if they catch the person resonponsiable, they should be charged with attempted manslaughter as they know their action against the hospital could kill some one.

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