Ransomware Attacks of 2016

Find a list of the, publically covered, ransomware attacks in 2016 in one place…

With the threat of ransomware attacks at higher levels than ever before, we thought it would be beneficial to generate a list of 2016 ransomware attacks.  This list will be updated throughout the year.  Please, if you hear of anything that hasn’t been posted to this yet, let us know and we will update accordingly!  It is impossible to know of each and every ransomware attack, as not are all made public.  However, we will do our best to make this list as complete as possible.

Below is a cumulative list of the, publically covered, ransomware attacks in 2016:















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7 thoughts on “Ransomware Attacks of 2016”

  1. Wow capital hill got hit that is scary serious. Those are the people that are supposed to be in the know about the safety of our country! We would like to think that capitol hill is not vulnerable from any angle.
    BTW, If someone held the Whitehouse (and those in it) for ransom. Would we/should we pay?
    Just wandering. And probably got lost ;~)

  2. Here in dominican republic, I helped an odontologist to restore his files and databases of his laptop by february. Thanks our doctors aren’t working in network structure that clinic (Corominas Clinical) is not affected now.

    1. TheOncomingStorm

      @Wayne: umm, i guess you never hear of the phrase. “good luck, i’m hiding behind seven proxies”.

      besides, most of the ones responsible for this live in countries which don’t really like the united states in the first place and could care less if they do it. places like russia, china, korea and the ever present nigeria.

  3. Anyone who is caught attacking a hospital with “ransomware” should be charged with attempted murder as they are putting people lives at risk.

    If any one dies because of the delay caused by “ransomware ” the attacker should then be charged with first degree murder.

    They know before hand that their ransomware could cause a death and therefore any death should count as premeditated murder.

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