5 ways Edward Snowden has changed the world

5 ways Edward Snowden has changed the world

PC Pitstop VP of CyberSecurity Dodi Glenn was quoted in this NY Daily News article about the impact of Edward Snowden.

5 ways Edward Snowden has changed the world since NSA leaks by Khier Casino | NY Daily News | 10/1/2015

5. Most cybersecurity experts agree that Snowden has had a magnanimous impact in the community.

“Snowden has managed to rack up 1.18 million followers within a short period of time,” Dodi Glenn, vice president of cyber security at PC Pitstop, LLC, told the Daily News in an email. “Several polls show some view Snowden as a traitor, while others view him as a hero or whistle-blower.”

“To some degree, he has caused people around the world to further question their government,” Glenn continued. “He has certainly caused many to lose trust in the government. The trend in reporting government leaks may have already started as sites like Wikileaks get more content.”

Maybe not turn into hacktivists overnight, but people in the tech industry sympathize with him.

“The fact Edward Snowden has revealed the incredible level of monitoring that is going on has made Netizens more wary, cautious and outright suspicious about what they receive and send on the Net,” Stu Sjouwerman, founder and CEO of software company KnowBe4, said in an email to the Daily News.

“As the Net really still is in Beta, and the NSA in 1978 voted against encryption of Internet data, we are dealing with an infrastructure that is at the very same time exciting and scary,” said in the email. “Snowden has shed some light on the dark side and we should all be thankful to him.”

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13 thoughts on “5 ways Edward Snowden has changed the world”

  1. Well Hal Weaver you can bet your bottom dollar he hasn’t done near the damage Obama has done to our country and continues to do so every day!!

  2. Crazy link from my email. I see no. 5, but there is no way to view the remaining part of the article. Since no. 5 is obvious, I don’t think I’ve missed anything, LOL

  3. texasdashopaholic

    I would really LOVE to read this article. Only I CAN’T. I have vision problems and I cannot SEE the grey print. What happened to BLACK printing? Too bad as this looked really interesting…

  4. Juan Figueroa more drivel from the sheep pen. traitor, coward, hypocite…..a perfect echo of the propagandic words spouted off by your precious all knowing and infallable government. yes, that was sasrcasm. traitors and hypocrites are also the sentements used by the british in regards to the continental congress.

    in truth it's pretty damn brave to go against the government like this! as for you cutting him down for hiding? SO WOULD ANYONE IN HIS POSSITION! the government wants to kill him. if YOU were being hunted like that, would YOU just walk around anywhere you please? you're a bloody damn liar if you say yes.

    as the poster above stated, the us military themselves have admitted that they have not found a single istance of a life that was put at risk from his revelations or that of assange. the only reason the government is after him so hard is because he pulled their trousers down and exposed thier dirty pants to the world! the american government is one of the most decietful, crooked and greedy in the world.

    then again as assange said in his book, when google meets wikileaks, there's always the possibility sonone could be put at risk. there's also a risk that an astroid will crash into your living room and kill you, but does that make us hide in the basement? do you? answer is no so stfu.

  5. The problem I have with Snowden is that he exposed not only information about the government collecting information about us, which may have been a reasonable whistle blowing function, but without any discrimination about what he had, he gave up information about the country’s attempts to collect information about foreign countries. It is this naive neglect of distinguishing between domestic relations and those between our country and other nations that makes me reject his claim for legal forgiveness. Neither you nor I know what damage this has done to the country and its foreign policy.

    To claim that there should be no secrets about our foreign relations is absurd. Suppose this principle were to have been claimed in WWII. Should we have told the Germans that we had cracked their code. Should we have told them the exact day we were planning the Normandy invasion, because keeping it a secret was somehow unfair?

    If he ever comes back to the U.S., he should not be hanged, as other traitors have been, but he should spend a LOT of time in prison.

  6. Congratulations PC PItstop for weighing in on a subject of real significance for all of us! For those who say that Snowden puts people in danger, can the commentator give the name of a single person whose life has been endangered by Snowden's relevaltions?

    The same can be asked of Julian Assange and other whistle blowers. With so many FBI and CIA operatives scrutinizing Wikileaks material, the US military have nonetheless admitted that they have not found a single instance of a life put at risk through these revelations. All that has thus far been put at risk are the futures of the beaurocrats and poloticians who lie and break the law, though notably nobody seems to have called these law-breakers to account at this stage, and probably won't if the persecution of whistle-blowers is any indication of how these scandals are going to be dealt with.

    As Assange said in his recent book "When Google met Wikileaks", there is always a possibility that someone could be put at risk through these revelations, just as there is always a possiblity that an asteroid could crash through the roof of your hosue and kill you, but this doesn't mean we should all be hiding from asteroids in our cellars. The important question is not whether things are possible but whether they are likely, and whether uncovering the crime warrants the risk.

    1. the Oncoming Storm

      @bern: edward bernays loved people like you and trained the government how to manipulate them. your type are so easily lead and so easily swayed with propaganda and misdirecting lies that it’s pathetic.

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