Emergency Patch for Adobe Flash

Emergency Patch for Adobe Flash

Adobe is warning Flash users about a dangerous security hole in its widely popular browser plugin. Users are being advised to update the application ASAP. Worth noting, the PC Matic vulnerability scan – automates the process of keeping some of most commonly used applications on your system up to date and patched with the latest security protections.

Emergency Patch for Adobe Flash Zero-Day

Adobe Systems Inc. today released an emergency update to fix a dangerous security hole in its widely-installed Flash Player browser plugin. The company warned that the vulnerability is already being exploited in targeted attacks, and urged users to update the program as quickly as possible.

In an advisory issued Tuesday morning, Adobe said the latest version of Flash — v. on Windows and Mac OS X — fixes a critical flaw (CVE-2015-3113) that is being actively exploited in “limited, targeted attacks.” The company said systems running Internet Explorer for Windows 7 and below, as well as Firefox on Windows XP, are known targets of these exploits.

If you’re unsure whether your browser has Flash installed or what version it may be running, browse to this link. Adobe Flash Player installed with Google Chrome, as well as Internet Explorer on Windows 8.x, should automatically update to the latest version. To force the installation of an available update on Chrome, click the triple bar icon to the right of the address bar, select “About Google” Chrome, click the apply update button and restart the browser.–

What Should You Do

Users of Chrome, and Windows 8 users running Internet Explorer, will automatically receive the updated version. For those on other browsers, Adobe recommends installing the patch as soon as possible.

Security researchers have an alternative solution to offer users: dump Flash.

“In lieu of patching Flash Player yet again, it might be worth considering whether you really need to keep Flash Player installed at all,” wrote security journalist Brian Krebs.

Those who wish to stick with Flash Player can get the patched versions from Adobe’s download page.–

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7 thoughts on “Emergency Patch for Adobe Flash”

  1. I have been receiving emailed resume's with attached zip files. I always ignore them and block sender because zip files from unknown e-mails could be a viruses.

  2. When I get a notice about updates I open up my Belarc Advisor. All of the info is there about versions on all of my programs. Check it out at belarc.com. It takes a complete audit of your computer and everything hooked to it. No sign up. They have nothing to sell you as an individual so you never hear from them. There are no ads or pop ups. NASA, Army,Navy, etc all use their full version. It is a very tiny program. It is for your information. It fixes nothing, collects nothing, just has all of your keys, license numbers, models makes, serial numbers, hot fixes installed, etc. All on one page. Check it out I have had it since 1999. — D.G.

    1. @Donald:
      Hi Donald,

      There is an awful lot of info on the scan with Belarc … and a lot of red X’s. How do you (I) use this, please?


  3. the oncoming storm

    there is no update button for chrome. all it has is “get help with using chrome” and “report an issue”. it’s saying chrome is up to date and gives no option to update.

    then again, after looking at the fact that this article is almost a week old, i may have updated already and forgot. would have been nice to know about this 4 days ago.

  4. had problems with flash player recently so was interested in this notice about it. I didn’t want to download it with google chrome though because we had a virus that crashed our other laptop that came in through chrome. What do you think? Is that a problem?

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