Microsoft Office for Free

Microsoft Office for Free

If you don’t need every latest and greatest feature of Microsoft Office – save yourself some big money and use a basic version for free.

Microsoft Office Options including Office Online (Free)

Office Online offers key features for free

Office Online is Microsoft’s free-for-all web based Office suite. It includes online versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Sway, OneNote, Outlook, People, and Calendar. If you have used a recent version of Office, the Office Online interface will look familiar. Some advanced features, however, such as Mail Merge in Word or Pivot Tables in Excel, are not included.

To sign in, you need a Microsoft account. Documents will be stored on OneDrive, which allows Google Drive-like collaboration on documents. And of course you can download files to your computer.

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5 thoughts on “Microsoft Office for Free”

  1. I run Open Office. Its free and has all the bells and whistles most people like in Microsoft Office. Oh, and did I mention it’s free?

  2. Office for free seems like a good idea, but isn’t there a drawback with regard to using it on a laptop ? Surly an on-line Office utility, Word or Excel for example implies that the user must be on-line in order to use it? Working in the UK, most hotels these days offer WiFi, usually for free, but on holiday abroad, (say) getting on-line can be difficult, and in my experience more usually than not any connection is extremely slow and even intermittent.


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