Speeding Up Windows Shut Down

Speed up Windows shut down with these registry tweaks.–PC Pitstop.

Speeding Up Windows Shut Down

By Damien for MakeTechEasier

Windows has come a long way and the shutdown process in Window 7 and 8 is way faster than the older versions. Usually, the Windows shutdown process will be quicker than the bootup process. What happens in the background is that whenever you shut down your computer, Windows requests every program and service to end their session and exit gracefully. If the apps and services are not responding to the request, Windows just kills those misbehaving services so that the system can shutdown.

But if you are using an old computer, or if your Windows system is taking longer to kill the process or services, then the shutdown process may be longer than usual.

If the slow shutdown bothers you, here is how you can speed up the shutdown process with just a couple of Windows registry tweaks.

Note: since we are going to edit Windows Registry, make sure that you have a good backup so that you can revert the system to before the changes if needed.

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