Simple Way to Keep Your Software Updated

Keeping your software updated can fix computer problems and prevent potential security issues. Bob Rankin details free apps that address these issues. Keep in mind, PC Matic automates software updates for several critical software applications.–PC Pitstop

Simple Way to Keep Your Software Updated

Bob Rankin

Keeping Software Updated Simply

Many computer problems can be avoided or cured simply by keeping all of your software up to date. Updates include patches for security vulnerabilities as well as fixes for bugs, new features, and improvements of existing features. Check out these free programs that will do the job for you…

Update Your Software: How and Why

An old version of any program may seem “good enough” but it is constantly getting worse in terms of vulnerability to hackers and conflicts with more recent software. It is essential to keep one’s software up to date.
Unfortunately, that’s no easy task. Sure, Windows Update can be set to download and install Windows security updates and enhancements automatically; optionally, you can include other Microsoft products such as Office. But you probably have other vendors’ software on your PC that also needs updating. Some vendors provide auto-updater utilities like Windows Update, others do not. Either way, you have a problem.

Software Updaters
If no auto-updater is provided you must remember to check for updates periodically. If an auto-updater is provided it may be loaded every time you start Windows, consuming system resources and providing another target for hackers; multiply that by a half-dozen or so auto-updaters and you have a big problem. The best auto-updaters, in my opinion, are coded into their applications and check for updates only when you start the application.

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9 thoughts on “Simple Way to Keep Your Software Updated”

  1. There is no way I will give up my XP. Window 7 and 8 no thanks, and whatever else they keep adding forcing people to keep updating to. These people are in the business of spying on you, accessing your computer any which way they can. These updates are their way of screwing you down into an even more tighter space where you can only browse where they wish you to go, forcing you to see whatever they wish you to see, already they delve far too much into whatever you are doing on your computer. We paid for this operating system in a fair square deal, why are they still holding us hostage to do what they think we should do with what we had already paid for?

    1. Roger, that comment reeks of change your car because the old one needs a wash ! I still use XP simply because it does exactly what I need.
      With Avast, CCleaner, Malwarebytes and regular defrag it works quickly and effortlessly.
      And as I used to lecture in Electronics until I retired, it’s not down to being a dinosaur.

  2. I can send Hector my publication on keeping Win XP secure…at least for the next 5 years! My main computer is still running XP as is about 35+ of my clients!

    To Henry: Secunia really sucks…you’re right! There comes a point when the version of a particular program reaches ‘end of life’ as determined by the vendor. They gotta’ sell upgrades to satisfy their board & stockholders to maintain profits…that’s our American way of life!

  3. I have windows XP and there is no more IBM update service. I really like my XP (paid for). Is my only option to get a new one?

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