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How to untag myself from a photo or post on Facebook?

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How do I untag myself from a photo or post on Facebook?

By Dave Taylor

The Question:My friends are crazy about tagging people in photos and status updates on Facebook. To the point of being annoying. To the point where they tag me in photos that I’m not actually in. How can I untag myself when that happens?

Dave’s Answer:

Yeah, I have some friends and colleagues who are a bit overzealous about tagging me on their Facebook posts, whether they’re photos I’m not actually in or status updates where they seek to draw my attention. In both cases, rather annoying and sometimes awkward, like when I was tagged as being at a pretty out of control party when I wasn’t even in town at the time!

Often it’s easy to manage your being tagged because you can set up your Facebook account to require that the tag be manually approved before it can show up on your timeline, but if they’re friends, well, they often get to just tag you anyway, regardless of that privacy setting. [Read this for more info: How to set up your Facebook account so you have to manually approve people tagging you]

Even with that set, as I said, you can still be tagged in a photo. And now it’s a bit harder to figure out how to untag yourself.

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This post is excerpted with permission from Dave Taylor.

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  1. My advice when signing up to any social media type website, is always reference the settings first, “before” you do anything, and make the most appropriate choices that suit

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