Fix a PC that Restarts Automatically

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Fix a PC that Restarts Automatically

by The Windows Club

If your Windows computer restarts or reboots without warning automatically here are a few suggestions which may help you identify and fix the problem. There are several reasons that could cause this to happen. The problem could any! It could be failure of some hardware component, over-heating, Windows Update or a Stop Error.

Computer restarts automatically without warning
You will have to identify your problem and then see which of the following scenarios applies to you. Do you get to see a Blue Screen? Does your computer overheat? Updated your Driver recently? Installed some Windows Updates? Once you can identify the probable cause, things could be a bit easier.

Reboot after Blue Screen or Stop Error

To prevent a software or driver issue from restarting your computer repeatedly after a Stop Error, do the following. You need to do this so that you can read the error code, which in turn can help you troubleshoot the issue.

Using the WinX Menu of Windows 8.1, open System. Next click on Advanced system settings > Advanced tab > Startup and Recovery > Settings.

Uncheck the Automatically restart box. Click Apply / OK and Exit.

Now if your Windows were to crash due to a Stop Error, it will not restart the computer but will display the error message, which can help you troubleshoot the Blue Screen.

This post on Windows Stop Errors or Blue Screens Guide and Resources will help you troubleshoot the issue.

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