Time to Reset Your Browser

Sometimes the only way to resolve your browser related issues – is to start over.–PC Pitstop

Time to Reset Your Browser

Bob Rankin

Should You Reset Your Web Browser?

Internet Explorer… Firefox… Google Chrome… Sarari… all web browsers misbehave in mysterious and frustrating ways occasionally. You could spend hours trying to troubleshoot the problem, but sometimes the Reset button is the answer. Here are my tips on when (and when NOT) to reset your browser…

When and How to Reset Your Browser
When struggling with a web browser that’s not doing what it should, sometimes it’s better to just reset it to the “factory defaults” that are known to work. However, that may come at a price. But let’s talk about the problem first, and then move on to solutions.

Symptoms of a borked browser may include browser lock-ups, Web pages that do not display properly (or flash on screen and then disappear), very slow rendering of Web pages, and add-ons that do not function as expected. You may also have unwanted toolbars or notice that your search function has been hijacked. If you are being redirected to a page that you didn’t request, that’s almost certainly a sign of a malware issue affecting your browser. Generally, problems start shortly after a new add-on or software package is installed.

Reset Your Browser

When do you need to reset your browser? Most often, a reset is needed because add-on software is causing a problem. Sometimes add-ons don’t play well together, and finding the subtle conflicts between add-ons is a detective job for professionals. Some add-ons are Trojans concealing malware, and it’s not always obvious how they get there.

If you like to tinker with browser settings you may have caused the problem yourself. For example, the wrong font size combined with a text-magnification factor of 150% can produce very weird results. It can be very time-consuming to review and adjust a lot of settings; a reset may be easiest way out.

If you’ve recently installed or uninstalled software, the Windows registry could have been damaged, causing browser oddities or malfunctions. Viruses and other types of malware can also do this sort of damage. And sometimes, cosmic rays from outer space may be to blame. (Only half kidding – see Do Computers Get Tired?)

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  1. Can any one out there help with making Windows Movie Maker??There are about 12 tutorials on You Tube and it is NOT easy.I just want to take some songs from my media player library and set them to pix.

  2. When I clicked on your article “Article Continued Here”, I got the flash on the screen and then it disappeared as you mentioned in your article. I have experienced this same flash on other sites. Since I can not follow your article to reset my Internet Explorer browser, would you send me the procedure by E-mail?



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