windows 8 just needs a chance

Microsoft Windows Headed in Wrong Direction?

Microsoft Windows Headed in Wrong Direction?

By Richard Hay for Windows Observer

Is it time for Microsoft to abandon all hope for Windows 8 and move on to Windows 9?
–PC Pitstop.

Paul Thurrott of the Windows Supersite wrote what I would call a blistering evaluation of the state of Microsoft’s consumer versions of Windows and it has garnered a lot of attention and discussion.

I have never shied away from the fact that I like Windows 8/8.1. I find it dynamic and very productive on both touch and non-touch systems. There is most certainly a learning curve to adapt to the tiled Start Screen interface and using Modern Apps. You also have to forget how you used previous versions of Windows when it comes to how you put apps to use.

For instance, it is hard to not want to close a Modern App right after using it and remove the app from system memory. However, Windows 8/8.1 was made to handle those inactive apps so they take up minimal memory and resources but open back up quickly the next time you start them up.

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This excerpt appears with permission from Windows Observer.

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13 thoughts on “Microsoft Windows Headed in Wrong Direction?”

  1. Bushmaster Bravo

    Windows 8.1 & AMD FM 2 CPU I get up & running in windows in 5 seconds, once you get 8.1 it's a lot like 7. Easy to use. Try it.

  2. when your worth 76 BILLION dollars you can afford to let other monkeys do your bidding , whats he care , he tops the list of self made BILLIONAIRES

  3. Diane Trefethen

    I wish I had a lot of money. If I did, I’d
    1) Buy the rights to Win XP Sp3. After all, Microsoft is COMPLETELY abandoning it, right?
    2) Hire as many of MS’s XP programmers/experts as I could get so I could
    3) Upgrade XP to state-of-the-art NON-NSA approved security and encryption and
    4) Repair any bugs that are still around and
    5) Continually improve what’s “under the hood” while
    6) Keeping both of the old gui’s plus adding a Win7 gui as well as any new gui’s that have merit so the user could choose which interface he wanted

    I figure I’d make a fortune if I gave Windows users what they really want, an almost bug-free, efficient, comfortable to use OS where all the big changes were transparent so they didn’t have to re-learn how to run their computers every time some new technology came along.

    1. @Diane Trefethen: Diane, we can only hope that you win a lottery. MS came dangerously close to giving customers their money’s worth with XP, they surely won’t do that again with any new OS will they? Anyone with the capital & resources to do as you have suggested would only have 1/2 (?) of the current computer users in the world as devoted customers; what could possibly go wrong? Good luck with your vision. I am 67, there are some of us my age that realize that we may not live long enough to learn as much about a new OS as we already know about XP. Please help us if you can!! Thank you. Mel

    2. @Diane Trefethen:

      akk for a revamp of XP or even new edition of it. It was in many ways better than Win7 and for people who spend a lot of time needing good file systems and layouts, the best. Dealing with funky tiles, bad interfaces, 10 clicks to open a document or do any basic chore is grossly ineffective and irritating. The gross incompetencies of Win7 never cease to amaze me even though I am forced to use it daily. It’s got a wretched interface that constantly leaves you perplexed and the battle of the oversized childish icons is enough to make any photographer or writer insane. The incessant stupidity and mediocrity of Microsoft is absolutely stunning. Any other company would have long ago gone bankrupt which pretty much sums up its history of overpricing and market monopoly and predacious behaviour.

  4. Your kidding right? Lets file 13 Win 8, yes great idea. But instead of moving on to Win 9 lets get Windows 7 re-established. Also lets fix every known bug in Win 7. Another words lets back this truck up and start over again. Once it is determined by trial and error what's correct with 7. Lets shut down Microsoft except for a skeleton crew. Now the rest of the business plan should include Mfg. in a different field in the good ole American Market place. A position which could be stopped and the software Mfg. could begin again if necessary, and vice-versa. What you can't do that you say because of Third party Vendors? Whoever told Microsoft to go with Third Party Vendors in the 1st place? Microsoft from the beginning should have produced its own product. In another words shown responsibility and accepted the challenge on his own shoulders. I guess it proves once more Bill Gates isn't God. God takes responsibility, People don't! People have always fell short since the beginning of time.

  5. Heres an idea. Take 64 bit XP (which everyone loved and enjoyed and could use), fix it up a bit to update it to todays security standards, and sell it as Windows 9.
    Think they’d be on a bit of a winner there in the majority of peoples eyes.

    1. @Dave:
      Dave, that’s a great ideal. And make it look and act like XP. Not ugly 7. Also, make it be able to play old games. And make old software work with it. I would then upgrade if that happened.

  6. I have a new PC running Windows 8.I also have both a pc running Windows 7 and another running the good ole Windows XP.I am using the Windows 8 machine to type this.I use Stardock`s Start 8 to avoid the Windows 8 Start Screen altogether( I haven`t seen it in months)..The main complaint I have with Windows 8 is the deletion of all the “eye candy” that was in Windows 7(aero window borders etc).Other than that,with Start 8 installed,this Windows 8 machine operates pretty much the same as Windows 7.I tried the Windows 8.1 upgrade,this NEW pc didn`t like it.The pc would no longer go into sleep mode automatically,so I un-installed it and went back to 8.0.Over the years,I have learned that doing an OS upgrade almost always breaks SOMETHING…I will NOT be upgrading the OS on this or any other machine I own ever again.

  7. As long as OS development is based on selling “new” and “different” instead of usability and reliability and the masses buy it, we will be continually subjected to poorly conceived OSes developed solely on the business strategy of planned obsolescence. How’d that work for Detroit?

  8. I read the article and while there certainly was displeasure with Win 8, there was NO comment about what Win 9 should be like, if it ever comes to be. Criticism without positive suggestions is just whiney.

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