Why Are Windows 8 Users Avoiding an Upgrade to 8.1

Why Are Windows 8 Users Avoiding an Upgrade to 8.1

By Richard Hay for Windows Observer

Each month Ed Bott, over at his Ed Bott Report column at ZD Net, takes a close look at the monthly operating system and browser market share numbers from NetMarketShare and StatCounter.

In his current article about Novembers numbers he points out a very interesting stat about the free upgrades offered to both Windows 8 users and MAC OS X recently:

So how have those free upgrades gone? After one full month, Apple and Microsoft have successfully convinced roughly 30 percent of their respective installed bases to upgrade.
I am surprised, as Ed said he is, that the number is not higher than 30%. Even 50% would be a better number – especially with a free upgrade.

Windows 8.1 is an absolutely free upgrade for any users of Windows 8 and is available in the Windows Store for download and installation.

So what is the hold up in getting to Windows 8.1 for some of these users?

One of the big issues Ed mentions is that this is a significant upgrade and many users are just not willing to take on such an upgrade because of concerns about encountering problems during the upgrade process.

So what are some steps you can take to help ensure a successful upgrade and protect yourself from any issues that might crop up during that process?

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This excerpt appears with permission from Windows Observer.

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35 thoughts on “Why Are Windows 8 Users Avoiding an Upgrade to 8.1”

  1. winifred grace

    I do not like windows 8.1 at all! It has been nothing but problems. You have to have an microsoft account to open the windows app store and I do not want that account! I’m happy with the mail account I have!

  2. Just upgraded 3-4yr old Sony Vaio i3 Laptop from Win7 to 8.0 and encountered minor video card issue in that that the Catalayst Control Centre for the ATI card would not work. Also Skype for Win8 (now part of MS) is a farce – my contacts would not import correctly and profiles and all contact numbers would not be there. Then I upgraded to 8.1 which seemed to fix the Skype problem (all contact details and profiles are now miraculously available) BUT BUT BUT ….my built-in webcam no longer works. (Many people on the Windows Community forum seem to have the same problem). Of course checking Sony Support revealed that Win8 upgrade is NOT SUPPORTED for my slightly ageing model. BACK TO WIN7 I GO ….I guess. WAKE UP MS and stop developing OS’s that require virtually new Laptops and specs.

    1. OH and the UPgrade Assistant is a load of crap ….it should have listed or reported imcompatability issues which I could have checked before wasting almost a whole days (in total hours) with the useless Win 8 and 8.1 upgrades.

  3. Windows 8.1 is flawless. If you're having trouble, it's because you're ignorant. Many motherboards require a BIOS update for Windows 8 compatibility. If you don't know what you're doing, you should just leave it alone.

    1. @Djb Twcny: Well, when a laptop in my case passes the assitant compatibility test and nothing is published about know issues then there is a problem. The problem is an internall change in video memory assignments thats different than win 8.0. So that is not ignorance, its lack of available information to the consumer.

      1. @Scott: One additional note is that MS would not even respond to my comments as to video memory that I brought to their attention. They gave me some stupid steps to try on driver installs. I had to go to video card manufacturers and get my inquiry jumped up to their higher tech level to verify my initial assumptions relative to the messages generated.

  4. The Windows 8-8.1 shouldn't have to be so bad but some stuffs don't work at all with this OS so it's more than annoying.For example I'm fighting for ages to get there any graphic driver as it has to have a blockage to do that.

  5. That's your good experience sir, I wish I had such kind of experience with my laptop, in a week time after I bought it with win8, I found an app on the store that it's minimum requirement having win8.1, that's how I decided to upgrade & guess what, It cost me a damaged motherboard, three weeks in services center until they fix it. that's only my personal experiences, don't know how many mad users are there with their unique issues regarding this upgrade.

    I guess you are lucky @Bill

  6. Not really that surprising. Just confirms what everyone already knows, Windows 8 and OSX users are morons. There’s a pretty good chance that the 70% who haven’t upgraded aren’t even aware there is an upgrade available, and even if it were presented to them on a silver platter most of them wouldn’t know what it was or why they might want to use it. OS designers wanted to cater to the lowest common denominators, well now they have them. Enjoy watching the PC wither away in favor of disposable tablets that get beat on and yelled at just to spit out the latest Twitter drivel.


  8. I have a Sager gaming laptop with GTX285m’s in SLI. It works fine in win 8.0, but in win 8.1 because of the way win 8.1 allocates the vid memory, SLI is disabled. I contacted Nvidia and they affirmed this and said that a new vid bios is necessary to enable SLI.. No mention was made of this potential problem and the laptop passed the upgrade assistant. Although, I plan to purchase a new laptop for gaming, I also planned to keep this $4.5K laptop for other uses and need the SLI function. It is evident that not all laptop manufacturers (Sager/Clevo included) will release vid bios updates for a prior generation series.. So am forced to stay with win 8.0.

    1. @Scott: Found out additional problems as the music and videi app will no longer update and when I uninstalled the apps, they would not reinstall. Looks like they only work in win 8.1??? So put xbox music and vid links on until my subscriptions renew at such point they will be cancelled (gold and music pass). Thinking seriously about replacing with another OS and definately going to try Steams OS. Not happy with MS

  9. Dr. Jerry Hadden, Ph.d, (LTC) (Ret) – Savannah, GA
    I recently purchased a new PC with win 8.0 and upgraded to 8.1. I have found out that the 8.1 upgrade seems to have been a huge mistake. Now I have to figure out how to delete the win 8.1 and just stay with the 8.0. NO, I do not recommend the 8.1 upgrade.

  10. "Upgraded" from 8 to 8.1 incurring small but annoying problems that I still haven't been able to fix. One of which is the shutdown-restart issue and yes, I have tried the so called "fixes" posted online. They haven't done squat. Another is when typing in a dialog box the computer thinks I am activating a hot key or something. Quits typing and starts flashing to different tasks or screens. Very annoying and must be restarted. Microsoft has more money than God, can't the fix this crap before they pawn it off on me? My money wasn't defective, why the hell is my purchase that way? They are probably trying to figure out a way to charge me some more money.

  11. Win8 used to be a $40 upgrade price, but by the time I learned about it, the special was gone. I am not going to pay more than $40 for it, seeing that some friends I have reverted back to win7 because of win8's very slow operations. Win8 must be Windows ME's upgrade.

  12. Win8 used to be a $40 upgrade price, but by the time I learned about it, the special was gone. I am not going to pay more than $40 for it, seeing that some friends I have reverted back to win7 because of win8's very slow operations. Win8 must be Windows ME's upgrade.

  13. Darned right I’m avoiding Windows 8.1. Just upgraded a brand new Lenovo laptop to Windows 7 and eradicated that machine killing cancer from my future just like its evil brothers, Windows ME and Windows Vista. Hope Microsoft fixes it. Not too worried if they don’t.

    Linux looks better by the minute. Windows 7 is just a parking space while I wait to see if Microsoft will regain a tiny bit of respect for its customers.

  14. Just moved from WinXP laptop to Win8.1. My HP Envy came with Win8 & I downloaded & installed 8.1.

    No problems, love it & for the life of me, don't understand what all the fuss is about.

  15. Update to Win 8.1 deleted all installed apps, luckily, the personal files(docx, xlsx) were saved. I can not recommend Windows 8 to anyone. It is the worst Windows ever. And I’ve been using Windows since 1990.

  16. After upgrading from Win 8 to 8.1, I have noticed a few things. Win 8.1 takes longer to boot than Win 8 (my Win 7 system can boot up twice and I STILL have a few seconds before Win 8.1 is ready to run, My apps run slower than on Win 7. I get more ‘stupid’ errors. The desktop gets rather dicey at times with the Iconized Win 8 App screen. Yeah, they put some things back, BUT it isn’t a ‘good’ OS. Of course, I don’t have Touch Screen technology on either system, BUT I am still NOT impressed!

  17. Hello,

    Each new version of MS Windows is worse than the one before it.

    I use XP on one of my computers and Vista on the other three. When I bought a new computer with Windows 7 on it, along with a myriad of other problems, a software program that cost me $700 would not work, and the manufacturer of the software told me that the update for Windows 7 would cost me another $500.

    I deleted Windows 7 and put Vista on the new computer.

    Just My Thoughts,
    Bill Moore

  18. I have a HP computer who runs fine under W8 but when I tried to upgrade to 8.1 “Surprise !!! ” My Intel D840 processor is not good anymore for 8.1…I paid more than 200$ for W8 Pro and now because of the upgrade I have to change either my computer or my processor… Thank You Microsoft !!!

  19. Been on Win7 Professional & plan on staying there, Not interested in reinventing the wheel every time some software giant decides it time to change the song.

  20. bought a laptop with win 8. after 30 years with computers its my first time that i didnt make an update but i made a "downdate"…. i removed the silly win 8 and i install win 7.
    At last microsoft must stop the silly thinking that we must learn every little time every stupid idea that comes in a mind of a freak enginner who works in microsoft and he wants justification for his overpaid sallary

      1. @Richard Remmele: You do know that Windows 7 is a basically VISTA.

        I’ve used VISTA since it came out with NO issues. The secret is to NOT use AERO and have a minumum of 2GB (preferably 4GB) of RAM. Do all the updates, use Registry cleaner on a regular basis and you’ll be just fine.

  21. took two three hours of use to figure out how to get around then no problem. and i am 65 years old, works great.just stateing a fact not hype. dont let any one scare you get it .

  22. I just upgraded to 8.1. I had no trouble at all, 8 & 8.1 needs getting use to. I like it more each time I use it. When upgrading be prepared for a long download time.

  23. I have had windows machines for 25 tears + my wife has had win 8.0, now win 8.1
    to avoid win 8 I have sold all my laptops and am now a delighted user of a macbook pro, my wife has done so as well

    1. @Chris Jones:
      I’m right there with you. DOS 5, DOS 6, DOS 6.2, Windows 95, 98, 98SE, XP, Vista didn’t go well for me, and then 7. 7 has been awesome since the very first day – the release candidates before it was on the shelves is when I started using it.

      I’ve tried Windows 8 four different times. Windows 8 is an insult. The silly tiles make it look like a Fisher-Price product for toddlers. Besides that, they chopped out so many of the useful features. And what remains is so clunky and horrible.

      Anyway, I’m very happy with my MAC.
      I still have my last Windows 7 machine, a laptop. If Windows 9, or whatever it might be called, isn’t an upgrade from 7 that totally ignores 8 (that’s what I’m hoping and wishing for) then I’ll be done with Microsoft Windows forever.

  24. Win8.1 is so much better that 8 so have no idea why people put it off. Did not hurt or change any of my programs. Everything worked just fine. People need to give it a go!

    Has so many new options and looks so much better.

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