Windows 8.1 Now Available

Windows 8.1 Now Available

By Richard Hay for Windows Observer

PC Pitstop’s TechTalk contributor, Richard Hay from, was up early today as the digital download became available at 7 AM Eastern Time for the release.–PC Pitstop

UPDATE:Windows RT 8.1 Update removed from Windows Store due to updating issues

According to a post in the Microsoft Surface Updating Software and Firmware forum at Microsoft Answers the 8.1 update for Surface RT devices, which was just released this past Thursday, has been pulled from the Windows Store.

Today Microsoft released Windows 8.1 to all current Windows 8 users through the Windows Store. This update has been talked about for months since the Windows 8.1 Preview came out and is significant because this major update is being released just one year after the initial release of Windows 8.

There has been a lot of progress in the controversial OS and much of it for the better.

Here is a summary of the posts on Windows Observer about the new release including the upgrade process and some tips and tricks for getting the download on your Windows 8 system:

Prepping for Windows 8.1 Release  – Leading up to the official release of Windows 8.1 to the Windows Store several departments at Microsoft blogged about upcoming features and changes in their area of Windows 8.1. This post is a summary and collection of links to those posts.

Official Facebook App released as other App updates begin for impeding release of Windows 8.1 RTM – As expected every built in app for Windows was updated in Windows 8.1 and officially there is now a Facebook app for Windows 8.1 users.

Post Windows 8.1 RTM Updates Released – After getting Windows 8.1 installed on your device there are some important updates being delivered via Windows Update that address issues and makes fixes needed since Windows 8.1 RTM’d back in August. Surface RT devices also had updates waiting after the Windows 8.1 update so make sure you download those as well.

Try this if you are having trouble getting Windows 8.1 RTM in the Windows Store – When the Windows 8.1 update became available in the Windows Store there were quite a few reports of it not showing up for people. This post shows you how to force the Windows 8.1 update to show up in the Windows Store.

Updating Surface RT to Windows 8.1 RTM – In this post I share with you my experience upgrading my 32GB Surface RT to Windows 8.1.

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28 thoughts on “Windows 8.1 Now Available”

    1. Same here. Stuck at 78% for over an hour. Now it’s moved to 79% and been there for 30 mins.

      Just have to wait and see I guess. It’s not good enough though.

      Downloaded through the store. Windows 8.1 pro

  1. I just built a new computer and installed 8.1 on a clean drive. I kind of like it but miss the menu, maybe its just a matter of getting use to the new UI and the menu will someday seem a clunky old dinosaur. Be very careful when you upgrade from win 7 to 8 because you loose all of your installed apps. Back up all of your keys before the upgrade if you have not done so already.

  2. Windows 8, what an F___ing joke. If I wanted a tablet I would have bought one. Sorry folks, Microsoft is swirrling around in the toilet now. As the top turd, it had floated to the top. But it’s on it’s way down now.
    Windows 2000 was the last good OS they came up with. I need a new computer, the one I have now I got in 2003. Came with XP. But I don’t want windows 8 as a gift.

  3. It's an improvement over Windows 8. Microsoft is apparently trying to lure the type of people who like Apple computers with an OS geared for nit wits. The masses are clueless when it comes to computers. They view them as some sort magic box.

  4. I downloaded 8.1 on my touch screen Acer. No problems. 8.1 is easier to learn than 8.0 and I find myself using my 8.1 almost as much as my Windows 7 laptop. Soon I will be converting to my 8.1 computer. I'm just not sure how soon

  5. I agree Roger, I jumped right in without giving much thought that this is, well, Windows!! And something will go wrong! And so said, so done, after the install i'm left with an error message in the lower right side of my screen! And this is on a brand new Toshiba Satellite Laptop that was working just fine before the install! *sigh*

  6. Downloaded, installed with no problem, other than what seemed like no activity but indeed was working in the background and did advise me when next step was ready to execute. I may be imagining things but IE11 does seem significantly faster in downloads. No problem with any of the apps I’ve previously installed and with the other system components (printers, scanner, router, external drives, etc.) Nothing in life is perfect and especially on major computer updates. No – I’m not working for MS and I do find fault with some of their programs at times. No one is forcing MS programs on anyone – go buy an MAC if you don’t like MS products.

    1. @Billiebob:
      You have to go to the main tile desktop and click on the “Windows Store” tile to get the upgrade. I did the same thing as you and had the same problem until I read a little further where it tells you to go to the Windows Store…. Give them books and they eat the cover. It DOES take a long time to download and install, but I got it all with no problems.

  7. Upgraded to Windows 8.1. No issues and works okay, don’t see any major changes as the “new” access takes you back to the tiled screen. It usually did open to the tiled screen. I use it mainly for business applications. Changed the “tile apps” to suit my needs. Using Office 365 and not using touch screen and with a track ball mouse. Like it. Also have a Sony touch screen and I find the touch screen with Windows 8 is okay, but not as easy to use as the track ball. Have Windows 7 operating on another pc but it is solely used with Sage.

    1. @John Parker: You can force the device to always boot into desktop mode if that is your preference. Just go to the Desktop, Right Click on the Toolbar and choose Properties. Click on the Navigation tab and check the 1st box under the Start Screen section.

  8. Have tried 6 times now. Downloads, starts to install, gets to “getting ready” then … BSOD and rolls back to windows 8 with error codes 0xc1900101 0x40017. One one occasion had considerable difficulty getting it restarted. Thought I had corrupted original installation !

  9. Installed Windows 8.1 without any problems except that it took almost 3 hours to download. Not sure if I made the right move. Since this installation I cant use some of my printer’s application (Impossible to scan document), my printer is a brother mfcJ615W. Called brother and was told that I will need to reinstall the applications made for Windows 8.1 (not ready yet).

  10. installed 8.1 update with no errors. Loving every bit of it. The enhanced search is downright awesome… I use Torch browser as default. No errors.. it did prompt me to set IE as default to check out new features… clicked No. Still no errors.

  11. Windows 8.1 has been taken down from the store. According to an announcement on the Windows Community site, “Microsoft is investigating a situation affecting a limited number of users updating their Windows RT devices to Windows RT 8.1. As a result, we have temporarily removed the Windows RT 8.1 update from the Windows Store.” The announcement was dated today. Once again, too early to release! Anyone surprised about THAT?

  12. There are plenty of tales of woe out there from people who have been bitten by this release.

    For example, it has wiped out access to some Nexus android devices. Drivers blasted into oblivion.

    I’d give it a few weeks to settle down. Even if Microsoft doesn’t fix the bugs, other makers of hardware and software may come up with solutions.

    Me, I still have an unused licence for 8.0 that failed to install – a bit like James Howell’s experience. Heaven only knows how I will be able to install 8.1 instead of that.

  13. Windows 8.1 ?!!
    Do you know anyone at Microsoft that devised this version so I can tell them where to stick it ?
    With all due respects, Microsoft developers keep shooting themselves in the foot.
    8.1 does not have the Menu as we understand it.
    8.1 is a waste of time folks.

    Roger H.

  14. It came, I downloaded Win 8.1 over 8 and then it Errored out after 26 percent of the install was completed with the following Error Code 0xC1900101 – 0x200C. It then re verted back to my old Win 8 and i never heard from it again.
    My desktop is a Dell XPS 8700 i5 64 bit : 4 cpu ; 12GB Ram ; 1 TByte HD. I had Chrome as my default browser during install could that cause the error ? Hope this isn't like the Obamacare roll out…. Argg

  15. I bought a new HP desktop about two years ago with Windows 7 and I am REALLY happy with the way it performs. I have heard and read a lot of bad things about Windows 8. Now Microsoft has come out with an upgrade to Windows 8.1, apparently because Windows 8 really does suck. So, tell me why would I want to get rid of Windows 7 and get Windows 8 or 8.1?

  16. Jack Thorgeirson

    I have been trying to download and install the 8.1 update since being advised without success. When I click on the app “Store” on the main screen the store screen comes up then immediately goes back to the main app screen. I had KB2871389 installed so removed it and downloaded and installed it again. Still no success in upgrading

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