Sync Docs and Photos Between Two Computers

Sync Docs and Photos Between Two Computers

By Richard Hay for Windows Observer

A lot of people have more than one computer that they use on a regular basis and in most cases that is usually a combination of a desktop and laptop device.

That is exactly the setup my wife uses and the laptop comes in very handy because she likes working on our lanai which is open to the outdoors but screened in to keep the massive Florida mosquitoes away.

It used to be that I had to manually sync both her Outlook PST file and her documents each time before she would go remote on the laptop to work as she liked to be able to check her mail and work on her latest project. This of course became very challenging because if I was not around then she was unable to update the laptop to have her latest data. This meant she was resigned to working in the home office on her desktop.

So it was about this time that Windows Live Sync appeared and it allowed me to sync those key documents folders to her laptop but it would not sync the PST file. This was by design because of the issues you can run into with networked PST files for Outlook.

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This excerpt appears with permission from Windows Observer.

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